All the power, simplicity, and reliability you've come to expect from 2500 Series® CPUs - now available in a new Compact form that is still compatible with your existing programs and programming tools.

Series 500 System Support Products

Series 500 System Support Products

Our Series 500 System Support Products allow the use of CTI 2500 Series® products in Texas Instruments Series 500 I/O bases. They provide a transparent path for upgrading old Series 500 systems without the requirement to completely replace the system. Failed 500 Series I/O modules can be replaced with CTI 2500 Series® modules. Then, when your budget allows, you can plan a complete replacement of your system to CTI 2500 Series® - without losing your investment in the replaced modules!

Series 500 Support Products are based on both Classic and Compact Designs to fit different needs.  Also included are wiring adapter products to allow you to easily convert old wiring to new formats.


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