Application Highlights

Application Highlights

See how CTI products are used to solve the problems you face in your plant every day.

Application Highlights

  • Janus Processor in Edge Computing Application - a manufacturer implements the new Janus Processor for Power Usage Collection System to optimize production costs
  • DESMA Rubber Molding Machine Update to Janus Processor - a manufacturer updates a rubber molding machine to the new Janus Processor, converting an existing TISoft program to Janus Workbench
  • Variable Frequency Drives on Ethernet/IP - an Oregon USA based manufacturer of hardwood and softwood products upgraded and integrated variable frequency drives into an existing controls system using EtherNet/IP and CTI’s 2500-ACP1 Application Coprocessor
  • Solid Fuel Briquettes - A UK-based manufacturer of solid fuel briquettes recently migrated its process control / HMI system to CTI 2500 Series® and Zenon
  • Nonwovens - Multinational Manufacturer of Nonwovens deploys 2500P-ACP1 to Control Ethernet/IP Drives
  • Food Production - French Cheese Maker Selects CTI for Major Automation Revamping
  • AIr Separation - Air Liquide Migrates Control and HMI System to CTI 2500 Series® and zenon
  • Medical Device Manufacturing - CTI 2500 Series® CPUs Save Space, Reduce Cost, Enable MES Interface at Medical Device Manufacturer
  • Air Separation - Air Liquide Selects CTI 2500 Series® for Upgrade of Nitrogen Generation Plant
  • Air Separation - (Spanish Translation)
  • Natural Gas Transmission - CTI 2500 Series® products provide reciprocating engine control, turbine/compressor control, combustible gas and flame detection, and overall compressor station control.
  • Injection Molding - CTI 2500 Series® products provide control system migration for 5TI-based Husky XL225PET molding machine in Queensland, Australia.  Entire control system migration completed in 48 hours!
  • Injection Molding - (Spanish Translation)
  • Plating Plant Upgrade - CTI 2500-C400 Processor replaces two Siemens® S7-317's and Achieves 90% Improvement in Throughput!
  • Plating Plant Upgrade - (Spanish Translation)
  • Harris M1000-B Printing Press Upgrade - replacement of TI560/565 with CTI 2500-C300 on Heidelberg-Harris M1000B Web Printing Press
  • Gold Plating Plant Upgrade - CTI 2500-C400 Processor replaces two Simatic® 555 and Achieves Double the Throughput!
  • Singapore Semiconductor Plant Upgrade - Major semiconductor company upgrades obsolete Siemens® TI505 PLC to CTI 2500 Series®
  • Industrial Film Manufacturing - Refuse Bag Manufacturer Upgrades Obsolete PM550 Controller to 2500 Series®
  • Laser Cutting Process - Automotive Exhaust Components Manufacturer Upgrades Laser Cutting Process to 2500 Series®
  • FrieslandCampina - replacement of Siemens® 555-1104with 2500-C400 gains additional memory and improves support for the future
  • Cellulose Fiber - Major manufacturer of cellulose fiber expands using CTI 2500 Series®
  • Biotech - global biotech company migrates from Siemens® 545 to CTI 2500 Series®

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